Hear From Our Clinicians

  • Handling the Holiday Blues
    The holidays are approaching, and I’m already feeling lonely and worried I’ll get depressed. How can I cope? Most people are familiar with the “holiday blues”, but older adults may be more susceptible to bouts of loneliness and sadness during the holidays. This is due to losses of family and friends over a lifetime, and […]
  • Dealing With Insomnia
    I’ve always had trouble sleeping, but lately, my insomnia has gotten worse. What can I do? It is commonly thought that people need reduced sleep as they age. While sleep patterns can change throughout one’s lifetime, older adults need to tune into their individual body’s needs to determine how much sleep they need each night. […]
  • Tackling Chronic Pain
    I have a medical condition that causes chronic pain. I don’t want to ask my doctor for medication, but I’m not sure how to feel better. Any advice? Chronic pain is one of the most challenging conditions to live with, and even harder to live with well. There can be a frustrating cycle of pain, […]